This is Tai_tai from VisitoR.
At the end of the year, I started to think that it would be good to have a VisitoR web page.
We started working on it in January, even during the New Year’s holiday, and it went live on February 1!
This web page was completed with the involvement of many members and enchanced.

Thanks to Suibow for coming up with the page text, and coachan for checking the codecs.
koENDro and POKO for taking new movies for the web design.
ShanamoN and Ao for acting.
Minigun, Potato, and Naitemo for translating the pages.
And the members who will make the blog more exciting from now on.

I am sure that the members will release more information about the web page and VisitoR’s future activities one after another.
Please look forward to it.

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