A new form of expression in VR & the metaverse

At VisitoR, various creators together explore new forms of expression in the VR and Metaverse mediums


Filming in the metaverse requires specific technology and knowledge

We specialize in filming/production of films within the metaverse through use of tools such as the drone system in VRChat


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Shots with depth and clarity

We film with tools that allow for beautiful shots that look as if they were shot with a real DSLR

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Aerial shots utilizing metaverse drones

FPV drone-like shots with a feel for speed filmed in the metaverse

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The versatility of handheld and gimball shots

We can recreate smooth shots taken similarly to handheld cams and gimbal functionality


Utilizing full body tracking technology within the VR space, we create and render even more realistic movements and explore expressions that are only possible within the VR space

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Real-life movement instead of animations

Realistic movements are captured using full body tracking.  Professional actors will recreate difficult movements such as walking down the stairs and walking indefinitely

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Flight is not a dream, but a reality

The metaverse is ripe with innovations as long as you have the creativity.  Footage you thought would be difficult to capture may not be as hard as you thought

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Magic and particles

Instead of “adding it in post”, the opportunity of having it filmed in real-time adds to the authenticity of the shot


New sparks of inspirations come through collaborations between people of different countries and cultures, supporting our ability to make various forms of music. 

We support real-time remote recordings sessions using VST Connnect

world creation in VRChat

We create worlds for you to be used in VRChat from sets to studios, all the way to hangouts


We can create original 3D characters for you to use in mediums such as VRChat.  We also accept inquiries on designing a character as well.


A professional artist will design concept art, music video illustrations, game characters , etc all to your liking.


We support your endeavors wherever it may be, from VRChat events, worlds, lyrics, posting text, all the way to listings on Booth to increase your overseas audience. Available in Japanese, Korean, and English.

Let's work together!